February 18, 2008

" Damn Tree Drubs"

On obtain a dime, dare is tree drubs. Day as cold Hairly, Schmoe hand Cruelly. Damn is mighty fuel is fallows. Damn is sew fuel is, damn knot no rite firm rung, upped firm downed, rite firm left. Damn is tree bumps. Damn is sew dumped, damn sink dare whirled maid flapped, buy Got.

"Dew knot sale vest!" claimed Schmoe. "Yew dye den surly as yew lift!"

Butt guise vent vest, hand found anew whirled, hand Schmoe hee haddock ate dose whirreds.

"Haul a lye!" dot Hairly spewed, "day jest vent tout dew day hedge, hand claim rite black!"

(Hairly vast know bloody's fuel) "...hand den, day tolled as tails!"

Butt Cruelly spat hand taught. Hand taught. Hand taught against. Heebie sunken may bee trued. May bee sum ding how dare have dare haul. May bee sum ding press us day cud fined, brung hem black hand day bee which. Which as haul get out. Which as prances. Which as Billy Goats. Which as chock-a-block cake. Hymn begot dew maid sum plants.

Cruelly gut sum udder guise hand bilked a bowed. Ha big big bowed. Ha bowed sew big hit cussed ha jillion bucks, drub money, whist kite ha lump pa change. Hee know cared ha butt tatt. Hymn new, hit gun apply off, late her on. (Err sew hee taught.)

Song starry shirt, damn tree drubs sat oof dew leak dare porch on, dare hips hide, dare ice wide.....

....hand felt oft dare wedge oft dare whirled.

(Morale oft dare tail hissed: after haul has sate hand dumb, ha drub's ha drub ha drub.)


ImperfectNerd said...

Andree introduced me recently to "lolcat", an invented language spoken by cats. It reminded me of this little ditty I wrote back in, oh, maybe 1977 or so. So I pulled it from the vault, and there you are.

ImperfectNerd said...

Andree was mystified, as you may be, by the Troll language. It is vaguely like English, because it uses no other words but English words. However, it is English spoken through a thick layer of ice, under which Trolls subsist in winter. You must reason it out phonetically. I thought the puzzle of trying that might amuse you! If not...well, no one alive speaks it anymore anyway!